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Meet Odell

Born in Washington DC and raised in Capital Heights Maryland, Odell attended Georgia Tech, from which he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Civil Engineering.


Choosing not to pursue a career in his degree field, Odell eventually entered the corporate realm and has enjoyed a long career that spans over 25 years in telecommunications, automotive and Internet retail industries at various levels of mid and senior-level management.

In 2013, he became a certified Life Coach and created Second Half Success Plan in 2021, where he uses his coaching, training and leadership experience to help men in midlife leave their regrets behind and pursue their second half of life success. 

While best described by peers, friends and family as a steady, reassuring, calm person, he is passionate about learning, speaking, and can often be found reading e-books or listening to podcasts on leadership, self-improvement, health, fitness and business- and watching battle rap!

Odell enjoys a 20+ year marriage with his wife, Dr Natoshia Anderson, who he met while at Georgia Tech, and being a father to what he calls his “spiritual practice”, namely their two children, Mychal (daughter) and Kendall (son).

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