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Awesome Excerpt: Ed Mylett

"I'm a Christian, so I think that at the end of my life I want the Lord to go, “Hey, well done, good and faithful servant.”

But I also think He's gonna go, “Hey, by the way- this is who you could've been!” I think He introduces you to the person you were capable of becoming. That at the end of your life you're gonna get introduced to the person you could have been, that you were destined to be, that He made you to be.

And so, I'm chasing that dude. Everyday I'm chasing that dude. Every decision I make, the things I go through in my life... Does it get me closer to that guy?

Cause I think the best end of a life is to hear "Well done" by the Lord, and you're identical twins with that person. The bad end of a life would be: I meet this man I could’ve been, and we’re total strangers. We’re just complete opposites. I know nothing about this guy. There’s no familiarity at all.

And it means I went down these easy roads. I took the comfortable road. The comfortable road will never lead you to the person you were destined to be. Ever in your life. And so, if you don’t become obsessed with chasing that person, you end up never meeting them."

-Ed Mylett

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