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What is your fulfilled future?

Below is my "Fulfilled Future" doc I wrote almost a decade ago.

Spiritual life: I live with a knowing ease and presence, allowing God to flow through me at all times- remaining open and receptive to his guidance. I'm able to bring folks light in darkness by letting God shine through me.

Marriage: My wife and I are still married, are retired and are traveling the globe, building memories and having fun. We laugh a lot and love each other deeply. We still exhibit passion and desire each other greatly. We adore our grandkids. We still go out on dates and hold hands in public. We are the "sharp couple". We are sought out for our advice on marriage and how to make it last. We do marriage coaching. We spur each other on to great heights in our careers and make each other better.

Family: My kids are respectful, generous and creative. My children are college graduates, gainfully employed, business owners and married. We speak weekly and they seek me out for advice and counsel without hesitation. They continue to go to church and serve God faithfully. They are successful leaders in their careers and their communities. They are great parents, spouses and our grand-kids are adorable. We get together at holidays and have a great time remembering our time as a family.

Health: My weight remains at 200lbs or below, I continue to exercise at least 3x a week. I also play basketball at least once a week. My back pain is gone. I'm eating healthy. I'm able to play actively with my kids and grandkids. I am not on any long-term medicines or drugs. I have great flexibility for my age. I am in great overall health. I look at least 10 years younger than I actually am.

Finance: Debt-free, financially independent. Over $3 million in savings and retirement. We live very well off of the interest alone. Constant, faithful tither. Our will is complete and we are able to will a favorable sum to our kids and grandkids. My kids start off and remain debt-free. Our financial family tree is changed forever. We are able to donate generously.

Career: I am coaching people past their sticking points and on to their next steps. I am training groups of people on life skills that promotes them to their goals. I am speaking to groups at conferences and conventions nationally on the things that hold us back and the things to propel us forward. I am recognized as a thought-leader in my field and wield influence. My business is prosperous and successful, while at the same time not draining me, but energizing me. Through my business, I am able to touch and transform lives for God's glory.

Church: I'm serving in an area that fits my gifts, strengths and talents. It is fulfilling and serves God's purposes. It does not stress me out- I approach it with ease and joy and look forward to serving in this area.

Social: My friends and I contact each other regularly. They call me to chat, catch up and talk about their lives. I'm able to speak into their lives and affirm or encourage them. Our interactions make us better. I meet up with local friends regularly for dinner or outings. Long distance friends I see every year when back home.

Personal Growth: I have applied all of the knowledge and skills I've acquired. I continually sharpen the saw. I am able to point to specific examples and times when I've used my acquired knowledge and skill. My library is full of books that my kids also read. I model continual learning for my kids. I intentionally challenge myself to stretch and add to my quiver of abilities and skills, so they can be deployed to assist others.

Hobbies/Recreation: I find plenty of time weekly to engage in recreation or a hobby. I look forward to engaging in it and derive energy and excitement from it. The hobby or recreation is one that helps me develop a new skill.

Ministry: I am engaged in a ministry at church that best fits my shape I sever if faithfully and with vigor and energy. I also have founded or participate in a secular area where I volunteer my time and talents on a monthly basis.

Pace of life: Life is at a leisurely pace. I can dictate the pace at will by managing my schedule and time commitments. Life is unhurried. There is a natural, easy, stress-free flow to my day. I resist nothing that occurs or happens.

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