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Habit Goals vs Achievement Goals

It's December as I'm recording this. Right around the corner is the beginning of another year. And for many of us, the beginning of another year signals the beginning of a new push towards achieving some goals. Goals that we have written down. Maybe goals that we didn't achieve in the past year.

But certainly for many of us, that is when we create our New Year's resolution. What are we resolving to get done in the next year? So in keeping with that, I wanna talk a little bit about goals.

I wanna talk about two different kinds of goals that you will probably need or want to set for the coming year. And the two goals are Achievement goals and Habit goals. And we're gonna talk about the difference between the two.

Most of us probably set achievement goals. In other words, when all is set and done, what do you want to achieve? An example of an achievement goal might be to lose 20 pounds. That's an achievement goal.

It's got a sort of a defined end state. You know what the end result looks like. And typically an achievement goal is one that can be quantified. It's usually not gonna be something that you really can't tell when you've gotten there, in some sort of quantifiable measure. Normally it has a number associated with it. That's an achievement goal.

And then we've got what could be called a habit goal. And a habit goal is basically something that you want to make routine in your life. And a lot of times habit goals are what lead to the achievement goal. So an example of this might be if your achievement goal is to lose 20 pounds, a habit goal might be to work out for 45 minutes, three times a week.

That's the habit that you want to establish. And if you establish that habit goal that will lead you to your achievement goal. You can have several habit goals lead to an achievement goal. Another habit go could be to consume no more than 2000 calories per day. That's two habit goals that combined will probably lead to that achievement goal of losing 20 pounds.

Now, a habit goal doesn't have to lead to an achievement goal. The habit goal can simply be you wanting to establish that habit. And some habit goals are goals that you will have to continue to keep in your life in order to maintain the achievement that you hit. So once you have, let's say, lost 20 pounds, if that's the goal, then once you get there, you probably will have to continue to work out three times a week.

You'll probably have to continue to at least, on average, maintain your calorie count at or below 2000 calories or whatever the calorie count was order to maintain that goal. But that's where the habit goal comes into play and typically becomes a part of your life.

Doesn't mean you have to do it forever, but typically if the habit goal led to that achievement goal, and you want to maintain that an achievement, if you wanna keep the 20 pounds off, then probably the habit goal will have to stick. And fortunately, if it's habit goal, then it should be somewhat easier to maintain because you made it a habit. And that's a positive thing.

So as you look at creating goals for 2022, or as you look at creating goals just for the second half of your life, whatever that is, and whatever time span you are looking to achieve certain things or whatever habits you wanna to establish, just recognize the difference between habit goals and achievement goals. And as you're making your list, think about, okay, what do I want to achieve? And then what are the habits that I need to establish to achieve that goal and make that a goal.

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