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Are you too comfortable?

I would probably submit that many of you out there are also in similar situations where you're kind of comfortable. This idea of being just too comfortable can be a hindrance to pursuing with the kind of energy and the kind of vigor that you need in order to achieve the things that you want to achieve in the second half of life.

And it's kind of two reasons why you're too comfortable. One of the reasons why you're too comfortable is because you don't have anything really painful going on in your life that you would try to eliminate. And it's because there's nothing significantly painful enough that's going to spur you to make some kind of significant change in order to change your status or change the circumstance or to do or achieve certain things that you sorta know in the back of your mind that you want.

The other side of that is you may not have a very compelling or strong enough why or vision for the future. That's going to pull you out of your seat, out of this place of comfort that you've been in and spur you to take action. I think there's a saying that said pain pushes until vision pulls, but you sorta need one of those two things to create some sort of tension, to create some sort of friction in your life, sometimes in order to get you to move. If you don't have those two things it's very easy to simply not do anything.

I think it was Jim Rohn that said the things that it takes to be successful are easy to do, but they're also easy not to do. And that's that's very true. But particularly if you're in a place where you're comfortable, it's probably easier to do the few things it would take to be successful in, in an arena. But it's also easy to not do those things. It's too enticing to not take those steps. To not do those things or not pull yourself away from the things that have gotten you to this level of comfort that you're at.

You have to choose your uncomfortable. You can choose to be uncomfortable now so that you can experience a different kind of comfort in the future. Or you can just sort of rest in your comfort now and realize a different kind of discomfort in the future.

An example might be, let's say not taking the kind of action that you should right now on some debt that you have. But if you don't address it, later on in life, you may feel that crushing weight because you did not deal with it. And then all of a sudden there is some sort of loss of income. And now carrying that debt becomes uncomfortable.

Health might be an area where you're pretty comfortable right now. Nothing's going on bad right now as far as you can detect. But if you don't make the changes or choose to voluntarily take on some discomfort in terms of maybe changing your eating habits, eating more salads (even though you're not the biggest salad fan, but you know, you should probably consume more vegetables) or whatever that is in order to stave off the discomfort that comes along with the kinds of health issues that can crop up after years and years and years of poor eating.

So just two examples around some fairly easy categories. The solve for the comfort... I don't have an immediate answer for it. Obviously the easier the one, the one that would probably be the thing to do is how can you create or be inspired by a very compelling vision of the future that will motivate you to take the kind of actions that you have not taken because you're choosing to sort of languish in the comfort that you have.

The counterpoint to that is you can try to create some pain in your life. For example, let's there's a business that you have started or wanted to get off the ground, but you have a day job. And that day job is sustaining you. Sustaining your family. It's providing you with the things that you want in life. One way that you could create some pain, some urgency would be to quit that job.

Now, this business that you have would have to be your income. You would have to do certain things. You would have to get creative with the marketing. You would have to be bold about your sales process. You would have to become much more entrepreneurial than you may be when you've got a nine to five, that's doing, what it's supposed to doing It's paying the bills and it's sustaining. It's even providing some additional creature comforts.

So two ways that you could address that. Totally up to you which way you do it. But I think remaining in this area of comfort is probably not going to be the thing that's going to get you to the kind of success that you want to experience in the second half of life.

So ponder on that as of this recording is going into Thanksgiving week. So happy holidays to everyone, obviously in another year of COVID being around family and friends is going to be a very cool thing to do. So I wish everyone a happy holiday season, God bless and take care to you and all your friends and family.

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