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A Good Day To Die

So, there are some people that are Star Wars people, and there are some people that are star Trek people, and probably some people that are fans of both. I'm a fan of both, but I'm more so a Star Trek person. Not of the original series, but I'm a big fan, pretty much from Star Trek: The Next Generation on forward. I've absorbed much of the Star Trek world. I don't get into the books or anything like that, but certainly the television series, and some of the movies, I'm definitely been a fan of.

And if you're familiar with Star Trek, there is a race of warriors called the Klingon warrior race, and they are fond of the battle. They are fond of conflict. And it's one of the things that brings them honor. In many scenes, if the Klingons are about to be involved in a battle, either a battle on a star ship or some sort of hand to hand combat, they're often fond of saying, "It is a good day to die", or "Today would be a good day to die" because they felt like dying in battle was the most honorable thing for Klingon to do.

And I've always been sort of fond of the idea of would today be a good day to die. Cause here's the thing... we're all going to die. None of us know when. And the idea is that if you're going to die and you don't know when, would today be a good day to die? Ask yourself, "Would today be a good day to die?" Because that realization and that question makes you reevaluate everything.

And this is a podcast about your second half success plan and the things that you want to accomplish in the future. But recognizing that you're going to die, and you don't know when... All these plans that we are making... and by all means, make those plans. Definitely take the time to sort of forecast what the future can hold or should hold for you and strive for that. But at the same time, ask yourself, "Would today be a good day to die?" Because there are things that you might want to achieve in the second half of life that would no longer matter if today was going to be the day that you would die. And again, it doesn't mean that you don't strive or pursue, but it means you don't lose the present for the sake of the future.

So what would today have to look like? What would have to happen today to make today a good day to die? And again, it's a morbid question, no one wants to entertain that. But if you knew you were going to die today, if you knew at midnight today, that was going to be it. What would that change for you? How would you respond differently to people?

Would be more likely to let certain things roll off your back? Would you take the time to tell certain individuals that you love them? Would you call your parents? Would you call your siblings? Would you spend time bingeing on Netflix or would you do something more meaningful? Would you have that conversation? Would you tell the truth that you have not been willing to tell all this time?

I don't think this needs to be a very long podcast or very long episode. I think the sobriety that comes with confronting, meditating on, contemplating, reflecting on that question is powerful enough on its own to withstand or to resist needing a whole lot of exposition or a whole lot of me pontificating on it. I think it stands strongly on its own. So that's the question I'll leave you with is, would today be a good day to die?

And what would happen if you were to approach every day with the idea of making today a good day to die? It doesn't mean you ignore your second half success plan. Maybe it means you actually go after those things that you want in the second half of your life more vigorously because you know you're on borrowed time. You don't know when that clock is going to stop.

So I'll leave you with this... Make every day, a good day to die. Take care, and God bless

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