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You Can't Live Your Life On Maybe

My wife and I were outside walking around in our cul-de-sac and we were talking about us and we talked about our kids and we talked about our daughter who was supposed to be coming home this weekend. She hadn't arrived yet. She's only about maybe an hour and a half away at the state college here, but she went to go see her boyfriend who is at Morehouse. And apparently they are going through something in their relationship where they were going to “the talk” where “the talk” is whether or not they need to continue their relationship or put it to a halt or put it on pause or something like that.

And my wife told me that she said to her that you need to make your intentions very clear state, what you want, be prepared to walk away if you don't get what you want. And then she said, “you're not a maybe girl. You can't live your life on maybe.”

And when she said you can't live your life on maybes, we continued to walk around the cul-de-sac and talk about a few other things and with us and with our son. But as soon as we got done with that, I came right on the inside, came through the microphone hit record.

As you journey into the second half of life, as you conjure up your second half success plan, now's not the time to be living your life on maybes. Maybe you've lived on the side of maybe up until this point. Now's the time to where it's either a “Heck Yeah” or a “Heck No.” Nothing in between. No maybes.

When I work with my clients, we have a discovery call and they share with me what they want to do. I share with them how I can help. And that then I, you know, I simply ask for their business and reiterate how I want to help them. And here's how I can help. And here's what the investment would be on their part.

And at a certain point in time, if they're in a position of maybe I simply say, “Listen, you know what? If it's not a heck yeah for you, then let's call it a clear no for now.” I don't want anyone who's on the fence. I don't want anyone who's in maybe territory.

And that's the position you want to be going into the second half of life. Now is not the time to be languishing and maybe territory. Because in order to have the kind of success that you want in the second half of life, you're going to have to be clear about what is a Heck Yeah, and what is a clear No.

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